High Security Routing On Three-Hop

  • Ms. Avneet Kaur


 Both mobile ad-hoc networks and infrastructure wireless network combined together to form the Hybrid wireless network. It combines the advantages of both these two. Here, in this paper we are providing security to distributed three-hop routing protocol for hybrid wireless network. To take full advantage of the widespread base stations DTR divides a message data stream in to segments and transmit the segments in a distributed manner. It makes full spatial reuse of a system via its cellular interface. Furthermore, sending segments to a number of base stations simultaneously increase throughput and makes full use of wide spread base stations. In addition, DTR reduces overhead due to short path length and elimination of route discovery and maintenance. Here we introduce another technique called signcryption for efficient authentication. Signcryption used for data encryption and for creating digital signature. The major advantage of signcryption is that it involves lower computational cost than the sign-then-encryption process.

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