Use Of Predictive Analytical Algorithm By Crime Investigation Team – An Analysis

  • D.Usha, V.R. Niveditha , T.Kirubadevi , P.Thamizhikkavi


Big data is an emerging concept representing a vast amount of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. It also has the ability to be exploited for information that is being utilized in many projects as well as other advanced analytics applications.  In the current scenario crime rate are increasing and becomes the challenge for the investigating team.  Crime-related data creation is also nowadays growing, and is mainly digital in nature. Through the use of conventional analytical techniques, the produced data cannot be managed effectively. Instead of using conventional data analysis methods, using Big Data Analytics for the massive amount of data would be advantageous. Data mainly collected will be distributed around the geographic region and will be generated depending on that cluster. Using Big Data Analytics, the clusters created are then evaluated.  The analytical process is done by using analytical tool which produces prediction pattern.  Hence Big Data Analytics can be used for analyzing crime related data, Predictive analysis used to predict the future crime and thus the rate of crime can be reduced. 

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D.Usha, V.R. Niveditha , T.Kirubadevi , P.Thamizhikkavi. (2020). Use Of Predictive Analytical Algorithm By Crime Investigation Team – An Analysis. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 2986 - 2992. Retrieved from