Data-Centric Security In Cloud Computing

  • Ms. Avneet Kaur


With the inception of Cloud Computing in 2006, academia has paid much attention towards it. Apart from its marvelous advantages it provides, it also comes up with various concerns like loss of control, lack of trust, Governance and compliance and security attacks. One of the most critical concern regarding cloud computing is of security.  To be more specific data security in cloud computing paradigm. Recently, much attention is paid on securing networks and hosts (i.e. Infrastructure) holding data, but these existing solutions are not sufficient. This paper emphasizes the need of adoption of a new approach towards data security namely data or information centric security. This paper discusses various enabling tools behind data centric security and also presents a security framework. This scheme ensures the security of data whether it is in transit or in motion. Security procedure or modules are embedded in data itself rather than the container of data.

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