Driver Drowsiness Detection Based On Facial Recognition

  • K.Kumaran, P.Gladinaa, S.Ashwini, N.Ananthi, S.Deepika


In India, one of the major causes of road accidents is due to the drowsiness of drivers, which can lead to death and physical damages. The main aim of the project is to alert the driver before the tragedy could occur. The detection system is developed by proceeding of image processing techniques and respiratory signals. This way, the fatigue could be identified by the facial recognition and pulse rate of the driver. Moreover, a horn system is initiated giving an alert to the drowsy driver to avoid from road accidents and creating a caution to the vehicles around. Additionally, in case of an emergency, a message of the location is carried to the nearby hospital. In due to the situation, the moving car is given a slow stop.

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K.Kumaran, P.Gladinaa, S.Ashwini, N.Ananthi, S.Deepika. (2020). Driver Drowsiness Detection Based On Facial Recognition . International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 2857 - 2863. Retrieved from