IoT based Home Automation and Security System

  • A.Madhesh, Dr.M.Kowsigan, R.Khishore, Dr. P. Balasubramanie


Internet of Things (IoT) conceptualizes the thought of remotely connecting and monitoring live world objects (things) through the web . When it involves our living rooms, this idea are often aptly incorporated to form it smarter, safer and automatic. This IoT project ‘s main objective is building a wireless home security system which alerts the owner by using Internet just in case of any trespass and raises an alarm optionally. The ideality obtained by preferring this technique over the other existing systems is that it alerts by sending notification and therefore the status sent by the Wi-Fi connected micro-controller managed system can be received by the user on his phone from anywhere regardless of whether his mobile is connected to the web . The micro-controller used in the current prototype is the Arduino UNO Launchpad board which comes with an embedded micro-controller and an on-board Wi-Fi shield which helps in controlling and managing all the electrical appliances inside the house. Hence, leading in controll to appliances like dc fan and dc motor. The main objective in this project is that we should receive an alarm from the sensors which has been added in the project to receive proper messages in order to control the devices.                  

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