Consumer Cosmopolitism: A study on buying Behavior of Youth

  • Dr. Pooja, Radhika Thapar Soni and Deepika Varshney


Consumers with cosmopolitanism as individualities are the ones who appreciate the diversity brought by different national and cultural origins and have openness towards foreign products. Consumer cosmopolitanism has gained increasing attention as a potentially relevant consumer characteristic for explaining foreign product preference and choice especially in youth. The purpose of the paper is to understand Indian youth consumption behavior towards foreign products which leads to cosmopolitan behavior. Consumers consuming foreign products demonstrate cosmopolitan behavior. For this study intercept method and purposive sampling technique is used. Data is collected from 100 youth respondents both male and female in between the age of 20 years to 24 years in Delhi NCR from October 1’2019 to October 10’2019. Being youth as targeted respondent and intercept method as a technique face to face interaction is done to collect data. Youth are taken as target as they have eclectic consumption tastes and are innovative in their buying behavior. Hypothesis for the study is youth have Cosmopolitanism behavior and thus buy foreign products. Data is analysed using exploratory factor analysis. The result of the study confirms youth cosmopolitan buying behavior. The more cosmopolitan consumers have a stronger tendency to buy foreign products. Scope of the study will help further researchers to analyse impact of foreign product purchase over domestic product purchase thus impacting Indian economy.

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