A Study on Attitude of Domestic Tourists on Eco-Tourism in Kodaikanal

  • Dr. T. Milton


Eco-tourism is a traveling activity and it provides better relation among communities and environment and nature and it is highly concentrating on keeping rich cultural values, diversity and safeguarding environment in India. Domestic tourists are agreed with eco-tourism is pleasurable and fun, eco-tourism encourages national harmony, eco-tourism involves in safeguard of environment, eco-tourism assists preservation of local culture, eco-tourism conserves natural resources, eco-tourism provides economic benefits to local communities and eco-tourism improves bio-diversity, Significant difference is there amid attitude of domestic tourists on eco-tourism and their personal attributes. Attitude of domestic tourists on eco-tourism has positive, moderate and significant relation with their intention to visit eco-tourism places. Thus, eco-tourism should improve unity of local community and it must minimize negative externalities to environment and it should protect wild life in eco-tourism destinations.

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