On The Diagnosis Of Mixed Bacterial Infections Of Birds

  • Butaeva I.М., Salimov H.S., Davlatov R.B.,


 As a result of the studies, it was found that in experimental mixed infection, when pasteurellosis, pullorosis and colibacteriosis occur simultaneously, the most striking pathological signs of the disease appear already 2.5-3 days after infection with the daily culture of P. multocida and S. pullorum-gallinarum and E.coli. At the same time, transience, high mortality with a severe form of the disease were clarified. More pronounced pathoanatomical changes were observed with a prolonged (5-6 days) course of the disease. In the acute course of this mixed infection, the liver is enlarged with small areas of necrosis, signs of acute catarrhal enteritis are observed. A higher pathogenicity of the pathogen of pasteurellosis P.multocida was found in the associated course with pullorosis and colibacteriosis, in contrast to mono infections. In this case, the pathogen P.multocida, in combination with S. pullorum-gallinarum and E. coli, was more aggressive and therefore the infection process in synergy-type was more difficult.

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