Role Efficacy Of Teachers In Higher Education Sector: An Empirical Study

  • Prof. Anil. Kr. Shukla, Prof. Tulika Saxena


Role efficacy is potential effectiveness of a role performed by an individual. If one problem needs to be identified as the most critical one in Indian organizations today, it can certainly be that of work commitment and motivation. Perhaps in the context of great challenges being faced by the organizations, the concept of role-efficacy has got potential to bring about a change in the work culture and achievement of success/excellence .Teacher’s role has proved to be powerfully related to many meaningful dimensions such as centrality, integration, influence, creativity, helping relationship, superordination, confrontation, growth, integration and inter-role linkage. Teachers' efficacy is a strong determinant of their job satisfaction, students' academic achievement and attaining academic excellence. This research has a specific focus to study emerging requirements of role efficacy of teachers in regard to their socio- demographic profiles (including age, gender, education , income and experience etc.) serving at various levels in 4 Indian academic organizations of Uttar Pradesh operating in both public and private sectors representing diversified work cultural, mechanism  and value systems. ANOVA analyses corroborated that teachers’ role -efficacy is affected by demographic variables. The paper also attempts to explore the strong and weak side of the role efficacy in higher education academic fraternity by applying descriptive statistics. A very close look at the research data, as presented in this study, can open up certain ways of generating information that can effectively lower defensive routines of the organization. It is widely held that academic organizations need action and evaluation of action for building strong and progressive benchmarks. The paper concludes by emphasizing that a well-developed role can contribute to the growth, effectiveness, productivity, excellence and success of an individual and organization. Finally the paper concludes by looking at some possible measures to enhance the deficient areas of the role efficacy.

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