Entreprenurial Traits Among Micro Finance Beneficiaries

  • Dr. Mini Jain


The approach of females on the monetary scene as business visionaries is a huge advancement in the liberation of and making sure about them a spot in the general public, which they have from the start merited. Advancement of enterprise among ladies is a significant advance to build their interest in financial turn of events. It will quicken financial development, and give work chances to them. Arrangement of monetary open doors can likewise raise the social, instructive and wellbeing status of their families. As training spread and impulses for acquiring have developed an ever increasing number of females have begun to leave the homes and select either for wage business or independent work/enterprising vocation. If there should arise an occurrence of lady, heless, debilitations to section into business proprietorship have been an excess of given the conventional, moderate, standard Indian culture. This study reveals how the women are participated in the DRDA scheme taken up by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and get benefited. The study also showed the marketing support for the DRDA women entrepreneurs. A few a large number of rustic ladies from the length and broadness of the nation partake in this program and they have taken up various exchanges under DRDA flag.

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