Design And Development Of Jackfruit Bulbs Extractor Stage-I

  • Prasanna N, Ajay S, Karthikeyan Subramanian, Gowrishankar M


Jackfruit is a fruit with thicker outer skin and a hard shell. The removal of the fruits from its shell is a very much effort consuming process. Many researchers have developed peeling machines for fruits. This machine is devised to extract the fruits from a jackfruit in a better way without involving heavy human work. The main objective of this project is to construct an economical machine to reduce human efforts in extracting the fruits from the stem of a jackfruit. This machine consists of two sections. In the first section the outer skin of the jackfruit is peeled using a movable blade which is attached with a spring which proceeds up and down by means of rotation from the motor. The fruit is now ready for the second stage where the stem of the fruit is taken out from it. The second stage consists of a semi cylindrical blade which is attached at the top of jackfruit below the motor. In this blade a sliding attachment is given so that it can slide up and down by means of human power. The skinless jackfruit is made to rotate by means of motor. Now the cylindrical blade is pushed down slowly and the fruits around the stem are cut. The stem is in the shape of a bell and so that the fruits don’t get damaged much. Thus the fruits are separated from the thick outer surface in a tray kept below. In this work stage-I is designed and analyzed its structural stability in Ansys 18.1 and a prototype is developed. The maximum deformation of the prototype to be 4.05x 10-5 mm and stress on the prototype while peeling the jackfruit is given by 5.75 x 105 N/m2.The waste skin can now be used as manure in agriculture. This skin can also be used in manufacturing of sandals and belts.

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