Nehru as a Man of Letters: A Study

  • Dr. V. Karunanithi, Dr. S. Mahadevan


This paper focuses on Jawaharlal Nehru’s contribution to the Indian writing in English. It introduces the readers to Nehru’s perspectives on the nation’s culture and values expressed in his writing and his vision ofthe nation. Learning a foreign language without understanding of cultural behavior is not an easy one. Without understanding of respective culture, there is no possibility of enriching foreign language like language of English in the period of English invasions in India. And what is equally interesting to note is that Nehru is not only an Indo-Anglican writer in his own right, but also ‘the cause’ of writing by others. Though his books are read all over the world, Nehru has perhaps not been accorded due recognition as an eminent man of letters. The reason appears to be that his achievements in the political field have been so great that they have overshadowed those in literature. A very few politicians have produced literature of abiding merit.

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