Accident Detection, Reporting and Navigation Over IoT

  • Simran Agrawal, Shivam Bansal, Sudha A


Internet of Things is a highly emerging topic of social, technical and economic importance. The surfacing of mobile phone and Internet of Things (IoT) industries mold their way in which people interact and brought a standard transfer to public as well as private sectors. The automobile producers are into IoT applications and hence they are trying to boost the safety of vehicles. Hereafter leveling the customer’sappeal and eventually aiming to provide vanguard products which augment the gain. Even in healthcare industry it is a matter of concern that how IoT can be used to enhance the pace and precision of transmission. In this paper we have tried to design a vehicle in such a way that it can detect, Prevent and Navigate an accident and promptly notify emergency personnel. Whenever there will a mishap an automatic SMS notification will be send to seek help. A signal will be sent automatically through the cloud from using an Accelerometer, gyroscope and a Lora and from there a notification message will be received. Ambulance will make use of the message using gps they get the location immediately.

Keywords: Gyroscope; Accelerometer;GPD sensor; Lora; LED.

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