Implementation of RFID Robotics Based Vehicle Real Time Navigation System

  • AkhilaBoggavarapu1, Mr.NagarajuSonti


One of the critical applications for vision system is to navigate mobile robot safely. In order to do so, several technological elements are required. This article focuses on reviewing recent researches conducted on the intelligent vision-based navigation system for the mobile robot. These include the utilization of mobile robot in various sectors such as manufacturing, warehouse, agriculture, outdoor navigation and other service sectors. We describe the navigation methods and show that both of them correct the robot’s lateral displacement from the intended path. After that, we claim that even though neither of the methods explicitly estimates the robot position, the heading corrections themselves keep the robot position error bound. We show that combination of the methods outperforms the pure feature-based approach in terms of localization precision and that this combination reduces map size and simplifies the learning phase. This paper not only discusses studies relevant to vision-based mobile robot systems but also critically evaluates the methodologies which have been developed and that directly affect such systems.

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