Privacy Preserving Biometric Authentication and Identification in Cloud Computing

  • Pachipala.Yellamma, P.S. S. Rajesh, V.V.S.M.Pradeep, Y.B.Manishankar


Cloud computing provides many benefits by optimizing different parameters to reach challenging requirements. Some of the challenges in cloud computing are privacy now a day’s computation over cloud garage has emerged as a not unusual element for a maximum of the applications. As the storage on neighborhood disks is unreliable in a few cases, cloud-primarily based storage is attracting all of us to store facts on the cloud which can be available everywhere. The range of individuals storing their information on the cloud will increase day by means of day, so the safety level want to be in an upgraded manner due to the fact whilst particular information is uploaded to the cloud the records is transparent to two parties. One is cloud offerings and the cloud administrator. In this paper, Cloud performs some operations on encrypts database to send to it and returns the output to the owner of the database. A security analysis tells that scheme is secured even at the time attackers wants to attack the database and want to access the user’s data present in the cloud. Compared with the other protocols that the results tell us the scheme got a better performance result not only in the preparation procedure but also in the authentication procedures too.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Biometric Authentication, cloud, security, cloud data security.

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Pachipala.Yellamma, P.S. S. Rajesh, V.V.S.M.Pradeep, Y.B.Manishankar. (2020). Privacy Preserving Biometric Authentication and Identification in Cloud Computing. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 3087 - 3096. Retrieved from