Framework for Automatic Test Case Generator

  • Grandhi Prasuna, Dr. O. Naga Raju


Growth in the development of the software and software components have reached a critical point where managing the application quality is becoming challenging every day. Also, the recent advancements of the software design principles have made the component-based design possible. However, the component-based design gives the developers a flexibility to reuse the components and further integrate with the other possible components. During such cases, the testing is very crucial. On the other hand, the constant phase over of the software development industry and research is to manage with the customer change requirements. Once the software application is delivered and during the delivery phase as well, the changes are to be incorporated as per the requirements of the customers. Due to the continuous change management process, the software industry faces a huge challenge in managing the testing of the applications as for a small change, the complete component or sometimes the complete enterprise level application must be tested incurring a huge time and human efforts. Thus, this work proposes a novel method for designing the dynamic test cases based on the changes and further automate the complete testing process. This work demonstrates nearly 50% reduction in time with nearly 90% accuracy in defect detection. 

  Keywords: Change Detection, Automation, Test Case, Auto Generator, Accurate.

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