Application of Artificial Intellegence on HRM for Green Business

  • Dr. Gurunadham.Goli, chapala. Nageswara Rao


The integration of communication, navigation, sensing and services (CONANSENSE) has allowed the development of disruptive and influential technologies that increase at exponential speed and route the business disruptions, business models (BM) and even ecosystems of business models (BMES) everyday. As in a current scenario everyone is working hard to create smart and good ecological free organizations, Green business plays a crucial job for integrating corporate environmental management into the HRM. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an upcoming field in human resource technology that can improve the efficiency of human resource management processes. Therefore, application of AI plays an important role in corporate environmental management into HRM for Green business that was proposed in this paper. This paper deals with the exponential development of artificial intelligence technologies, which can replace or improve the efficiency of Green Business HRM processes with persuasive BM technologies for business model innovations and introduce a conceptual model for future innovations and functioning of the business model.

 Keywords: Green business, Artificial Intelligence, Human Resource Management, Persuasive BMs.

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