Skip Level Methodology for Integrity Checking In Cloud Storage

  • L Jambulingam, T V Ananthan, P S Rajakumar


Majority of the organization uses cloud for storage purpose in order to reduce the cost as well as maintenance.  Due to increasing threat from internal and external sources, there would be possibility of corruption in the cloud storage files. Thus the storage must to be monitored periodically for integrity checking. Since most of the Data Owners have limited resources thus the responsibility of integrity checking goes to the Third Party Auditors (TPA). In this paper, we have proposed a new methodology called as Skip Level, which has the best performance in term of time complexity compared to the other Integrity Checking methods. Besides the above methodology, we can process by spawning into Multi-Threaded and Multiple Virtual Machine based on the need to improve the Recovery and Construction speed of the EDHT-n / HEDHT for storing the cloud file meta-data information.

Keywords: Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Service Level Agreement (SLA), Third Party Auditor (TPA), Enhanced Dynamic Hash Tree of "n" version (EDHT-n), Hybrid Enhanced Dynamic Hash Tree (HEDHT), Virtual Machine (VM), Adaptive Integrity Checking (AIC), Application Programming Interface (API), Tree Constructing Server (TCS), Tree Fault Finding Server (TFFS), Service Discovery.

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