Green House Monitoring using Raspberry Pi and Cloud

  • Ragul Krishna P, Javidh Ahamed, Sivakumar B


Greenhouse is a controlled environment in which vegetation is cultivated for optimal plant growth in specific situations. This is constantly controlling and monitoring of temperature, moisture, pH and color. These are vital for the greenhouse device. This project's main objective is to build a pi controlled raspberry framework for the view and continuous updating of environmental parameters in the cloud and management of a successful way to achieve better growth of plants and yield. Temperature sensor, moisture sensor, coloration sensor, UV sensor, PH sensor are the primary sensors used on this tracking gadget. The greenhouse monitoring gadget is enclosed in sheets to manipulate the situations which are essential for the crops. All sensors are connected by the raspberry pi 3 to a IOT system and data are collected and saved on the cloud storage. The information saved in the cloud is ready at certain specific thresholds that could suit some plants and when the threshold restrict crosses alert is dispatched to the person .The user can also take a look at the parameters from distinctive places remotely via a selected credentials which eases the way of tracking.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, Cloud Storage, Plants, Sensors, Monitoring.

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