Air Pollution Monitoring using IOT

  • Madhav Mehta, Prabhu Prasad Mohanty, R Managlagowri


Air pollution nowadays is one of the primary concerns in the public and environmental health challenge that is growing rapidly nowadays. Contamination not only results in adverse effects on living and non-living systems but also has influence on climate and atmosphere changes that are being observed. Air is obtaining more impure particulates from gases released by industries, conveyance emissions and enlarged concentration of burning in the agricultural sector which in turn unleash toxic gases along with other greenhouse pollutants which are causing phenomenon like global warming, acid rain etc. This creates a necessity for measure and analysis of air quality on a daily basis, so applicable method may be taken in proper intervals. Internet of Things is nowadays finding insightful use in almost every sector of the human society. Therefore, IOT can also play a key and conclusive role in monitoring the air which we breath. IOT combined with cloud computing, can offer a sophisticated system for better and efficient supervision of data coming from different sensors which can be collected and transmitted by low power source. While using pragmatic analysis, the conventional monitoring system may have a high precision, but it comes with the downsize of being large, bulky and having high cost which make it impossible for large-scale implementation and installation. 

Keywords: IOT Internet of Things; Ardunio; Sensors; ATmega328P.

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