Fuel Theft Protection and Management System

  • P.Visalakshi, M.Rohith, Ch.Surya


In the development process the some of the important features of the vehicle like mileage of the vehicle , speed of the vehicle and fuel level by allowing it to detect the level and preventing all the illegal that are occurring through sensors. This system can implemented by connecting all the sensors through microcontroller . It will be a modernized technique in all vehicles. There is a huge loss for the consumers due to the high costs, thefts are increasing day by day. The increase in the fuel consumption may also leads to depletion of the fuel resources and causes global warming. So if the fuel management is inefficient or any fuel loss occurs such as stealing then it will become a burden to the owner to buy the fuel, it increases the global warming. In our system to overcome these issues we are using the level sensor, gas sensor, GPS Module and a motor driver. Our system tracks the fuel level whenever the fuel cap of the vehicle is opened or closed. It sends the information about the fuel level , whether the cap is opened or closed and location of the fuel. A Motor driver is installed in our device which automatically reduces the speed of the Engine when the fuel level is low and it automatically sends the location of the near by fuel station to the driver, so that he can manage the fuel left out

 Keywords: System(GPS), Gas Sensor, Motor Driver , Motor, Level Sensor , Android Application, AMobiles(GSM), Global Positioning.

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