QR Code Voting in Election

  • P.Visalakshi, ReshiSanjayPawar, S.SuriyaKumar


The objective of our project is to propose a real time capturing of a system using Quick Response code in our mobile device and use it for the application of e-voting. The authentication is given by scanning the QR code by mobile scanner application. Each voter is provided with an unique QR code when the admin accepts and verifies the voter’s details. These details are hidden in the QR code, using process of encode and decode of multiplexing and the demultiplexing data information to form the Quick Response code. Using the code provided the voter casts his/her vote through their mobile. The Aim is to eliminate the use of the existing voter machine, and to reduce errors done during voting.

Keywords: QR-Code,  E-voting, Scanner , Authentication.

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