Smart Doorbell System with Facial Recognition for People with Hearing Impairment

  • R. Subash, Yash Kumawat, Vignesh Sivarajan


Computers can outperform humans in a variety of field nowadays and out of which one is facial recognition specially when there is huge database for faces. Face recognition have various advantages like increase in security and airport surveillance, it also advances the human-computer interaction in a better way. A system proposed here will aid people having hearing impairment or are completely deaf, to intimate about someone on the door. People suffering from loss of hearing face difficulty in knowing the presence of any visitor at the door using conventional doorbells. This system uses facial recognition to intimate the owner about the person’s identity and if the user is unknown to the user, it will ask to add the person to the database or not. This paper is based on IOT, which uses Raspberry Pi, Pi Cam and a wearable device for the user to let him/her know about the person on the door, where the notification will be delivered by a vibration from the wearable device.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi 3, Pi Camera, IOT, Wearable device, ESP8266, Vibration motor, facial recognition, doorbell.

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