Website Vulnerability Detector

  • T. Balachander, Shantanu Sharma, B. Dhananjay


Many high-profile websites have harmful security flaws that allow them to be vulnerable to hacker intrusions and organized crime. It is very important to know the usual program vulnerabilities to overcome these security difficulties. This paper introduces this knowledge statistic and solution by undertaking a field study of some of the most widely developed and important website vulnerabilities: SQL Injection. The suggested vulnerability and attack injection technique is based on a large number of flaws in real websites. The Web Vulnerability Detector is designed to scan the entire website URL and detect the SQL Injection parameters in the websites on a large scale using the Dorking Technique. This tool is to be regarded as a dynamic platform in its current model-requiring regular updates from both the clients and the developer.

Keywords: Web Vulnerability Detector, SQL Injection, Dorking.

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