A Technique to Secure Multimodal Biometric Data Using Visual Secret Scheme

  • Gayathri. M*, Malathy. C


With the increase in usage of Biometri sures that edu keep our data safe and secure. Using multimodal biometric systems c parameters to identify individuals, it has become imperative to deploy stringent security mea ensure better protection against identity theft while using advanced cryptography techniques ensure better protection against breach of information to hackers. In this paper, we propose a secured multimodal biometric system with two biometric modalities, Fingerprint, and Iris.  our proposed grey scale visual cryptography technique is to used to secure the bio-metric data during the transmission and in storage of  biometric data in database . In grey scale visual cryptography, each of the grey scale images is divided into parts called shares. The shares individually, will appear like noise, but when stacked together for decryption, reveals an image that would act like the key. Thus, this proposed system serves two purposes, Data Authentication and Confidentiality.

Keywords: Authentication, Visual cryptography, biometrics, security,  shares.

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