Discounts and Profitability Analysis using Data Visualization Techniques

  • Dr.M. Baskar, Dr. J. Ramkumar*, Ayush Bharadwaj, Yattik Sihag


There have been reports about limits being mishandled and utilized improperly which makes organizations face the misfortune in specific items and administrations they give to the shoppers. The paper is expected to introduce a contextual investigation of gainfulness and rebate examination dependent on different assessment systems to permit an organization to comprehend the budgetary presentation of the company.Also, explore right now picking up energy and arrangements dependent on visual investigation are developing as one of the most encouraging alternatives principally because of their exactness and openness. When we have the information pre-prepared, we are good to go up our sleeves and start investigating the information decisively. In this venture we will utilize the abilities that we have learned in the specialization to perform exploratory examination of our data.We will recognize key measurements in the information and make KPIs[1] to follow those measurements. We will utilize those KPIs to make dashboards that take into consideration relative perspectives and "brushing and connecting" of the information. This will permit us to start to consider the correct setting of building up an illustrative investigation that will frame the reason for the rest of the achievements. The representation of information of all sizes and shapes make it simpler to understand for the human brain and additionally allows for simpler understanding of patterns, examples and anomalies in collecting it.

 Keywords: Data Formatting, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning, KPI’s,

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Dr.M. Baskar, Dr. J. Ramkumar*, Ayush Bharadwaj, Yattik Sihag. (2020). Discounts and Profitability Analysis using Data Visualization Techniques. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 2258 - 2270. Retrieved from