Traffic Management of Priority Vehicles using VANET

  • Nitya Kumari, shan Rawat, Dr.A.Sudha


With an increase in traffic in the modern world, it has become necessary to have an intelligent system to deal with the consequences of the traffic; Vehicular Ad-hoc NETwork (VANET) offers a solution to it.  VANET is responsible for the emergent creation of wireless network, which allows intercommunication within vehicles. The vehicles in VANET also have a radio communication device to communicate among themselves and also with the base station or Road Side Unit (RSU). RSU is one of the essential components of VANET, which is responsible for transmitting traffic messages using vehicle to infrastructure communication. It collects and analyzes the data from vehicles and provides useful information to other vehicles. During an emergency, methodology used measures the distance of priority vehicles from the intersection and alerts vehicles about the forthcoming of the emergency vehicle, which will allow higher priority vehicles to pass the intersections prior to lesser priority vehicles. These networks aim to make driving experience safer and more reliable and reduce the waiting time of life saving vehicles at intersections.

 Keywords: VANET;RSU;  Traffic Management; Emergency Vehicle;  Smart City.

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