GSM based live tracking system with safety recommendation for the user

  • Sudha A, Nithish S, Sanjay Kumar B


Travelling has become an unavoidable part of our lives. So in order to make travelling easier and easily accessible, the idea of GSM based live tracking with user recommendation system in government buses is proposed so that the people could trust and enjoy government vehicles not like before. “Efficiency is key for prosperous growth in this generation”, so for making a resource efficient, we have to use the existing commodities properly, an engineer has to always come up with an exceptional idea to make betterment for the living. This Bus tracking system elevates a question about why use a facility, when there is already a facility that can accomplish the needs of normal civil. To get the best out of public transportation, needs increase day to day, either way a person has to run his life, so in order to make the tedious life sophisticated we have taken some initiatives in coming up with Government bus live tracking system, which can be used to track the bus through mobile phone.

Keywords: Government Bus Tracker; Dynamic Environment; Premium Services; Simple Interface; Best Transport Services.

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