Laptops Powered By Piezoelectricity

  • Telugu Maddileti, Sai Darshan Kema, Ragampudy Sandeep, G.Sunny Kamal


Technology has become an integral part of our daily routine. The numerous electronic devices which are in daily use need to be powered frequently. Most of the electricity generation is done by non-renewable resources like coal and crude oil. In the future, when these resources cease to exist, it would be difficult for us to find an alternative electricity source to charge these devices. This paper proposes a method of using piezoelectric effect to charge the laptops which are undoubtedly the most important electronic device used by almost everyone. This method acts as an effective replacement to the conventional methods of charging the laptop using electricity and batteries. This renewable method of charging the devices has its scope applications in various other fields.

Keywords: Technology, electronic gadgets, laptops, non-renewable, piezoelectricity, renewable, alternative, resources.

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Telugu Maddileti, Sai Darshan Kema, Ragampudy Sandeep, G.Sunny Kamal. (2020). Laptops Powered By Piezoelectricity. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 2086 - 2094. Retrieved from