Patient Monitoring System Using BLYNK App

  • Telugu Maddileti, Mourila Sriniha


Today, internet as become part of our life and internet has changed many machines and devices. Through IoT everyday life is monitored from any part of world and can be controlled remotely from anywhere. A regular measurement of heartbeat and heart-beat variability is considered as very important for individual. In this project, an android application is developed that can measure heartbeat and Heart-beat variability parameters for Heart patients who should be under constant observation. The wearable sensors are used to constantly measure patient’s physiological signals. These signals are sent to an android app through Wi-Fi and stored in cloud called Adafruit. A predetermined critical value is set for heartbeat, if measured values exceeds the critical value then, an SMS is sent to family members through android application. The SMS includes the heart-beat rate and the exact location of the patient tracked through latitude and longitude and makes patient’s life easy.

Keywords: IoT, Blynk app, Adafruit, pulse sensor, monitoring system, node MCU, Cloud to store data.

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