Dynamic Energy Efficient Midpoint based Routing Protocol for WSN

  • S Praveen Kumar


For collection of data, most important technique in wireless sensor networks that is developed in all kinds of industries like defense, medical, auto-motives, etc. The cluster head is included Wireless Sensor Networks which involving the connection of other nodes. The main problem in WSN is the selection of a cluster head where the requirement of energy is exhaustive according to the collection of data from all other nodes. The whole network is carried out by the cluster head which requires exhaustive energy. A new algorithm was proposed by several algorithms to solve this issue and an algorithm is known as Dynamic Energy Efficient Midpoint Based Distance Aware Protocol (DEE-M-DA). In WSN, this is the mechanism of an energy efficient cluster selection. By considering the standards of Midpoint-Residual Energy and Distance (M-RED) technique, the main purpose of the selection of a cluster is achieved. To determine the nodes midpoint between SINK, algorithm of K-mediod is utilized. For decreasing the distance and rapid sending of the data, this algorithm is developed. Between SINK and CH nodes, the data transmission has accomplished rapidly. Based on NS-2 simulator simulated the proposed protocol and it has been compared with the other algorithms.

Keywords: We DEE-M-DA, CH, M-RED, Wireless Sensor Network, Clustering, Residual energy and Distance, and K-mediods.

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