Disparity of Vocational High School Development against Regional Industry Potential

  • Saripudin S and Ida Bagus Budiyanto


The aim of this study is to analyse disparity of Regional Industries against the Vocational High Schools Development in the Cimahi city. The type of this research is a descriptive research. The population and sample this research are the entire industries in the Cimahi City, West Java and the fields / programs / competencies of VHS.  Data collection in this study was collected using the method of documentation, interviews and observations. The analysis method of regional potential uses the Location Quotient (LQ) analysis which aims to identify the basic sectors that will be prioritized as leading sectors that can become economic drivers. From the results of this study it was found that the development of Vocational High Schools based  was based on the calculation of the Location Quotient (LQ) analysis method which has a base criterion (LQ> 1), namely in the sectors of manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, car and motorcycle repair, information and communication, financial and insurance services, government administration, defense and compulsory social security, education services, and health services and social activities. So that the development of vocational high schools should be directed to the existing expertise programs, it is also necessary to develop expertise programs in accordance with the advantages of the industry potential which include: Agribusiness Processing of Agricultural Products, Plant Agribusiness, Logistics, Fine Arts, Traditional Music, Traditional Dance, Puppeteer Arts, Theater Arts, Broadcasting and Film Arts, Dental Health, Medical Laboratory Technology and Social Work. With these findings, it shows that there is still a gap between the availability of industry based on the regional potential with the fields / programs / competencies of vocational skills. For this reason, the Department of Education should pay attention that the development of VHS needs a thorough study in establishing VHS based on the potential of the region.

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