Gear Pair Fault Detection Using Vibration Analysis Techniques- A Review

  • Baquer Mohiuddin, S.B Kivade


In various Industrial and automobile applications, the rotating component like gear plays an important role in the transmission of power. The most common defects are pitting, scoring and in some cases, tooth breakage may also occur in the early stage of failure. The breakdown of such crucial elements may cause heavy losses in the industry. Prediction of defects in gear pairs by analyzing the change in vibration waveform or vibration signal is a very suitable method. The extraction of defective data is covered under the noise of other gear pairs. In this paper the review of gear of fault detection by using vibration analysis technique for the assessment of the condition of gear pairs for a helical gearbox. The defects are created and behavior of vibration is observed. Some of the advanced techniques of vibration analysis are presented. The effectiveness of vibration techniques is discussed and further research in the detection of any type of damage in gear is analyzed.

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