Demonetization: A Step to Clean Economy for Cashless Revolution in India

  • Dr. Arpit Shailesh, Dr. Taruna


The primary focus of this research paper is to identify numerous imperative factors which were overall responsible for Demonetization in India, to appraise and find out the aftereffect of Demonetization in India. To gather information about contemporary datum, cognizance of the real estate market, articulated null hypothesis. We also made use of the descriptive research design for the testing of the null hypothesis, based on using the regression analysis and for statistically analysing the data; we have used IBM SPSS software. The time of data collection was the prime limitation of this study and for this purport; we made use of traditional form of data collection that is structured questionnaire. For accuracy and authenticity of the results the sample size of the research is 39. This research paper would help in obtaining information as to know the accurate level of demonetization in India and it will be beneficial not only for the policymakers but also for the people who were first introduced to the banking industry through the opening of new bank account and want to learn the banking transactions offline and online mode during the period of the demonetization. Being the study data was collected through traditional questionnaire structured in nature, we can affirm about the authenticity and ingenuity and also the type of study has its own primacy. The findings revealed that Demonetization experience was painful, regarding the demonetization and there is no relationship between gender and feelings about Demonetization, overall sentiments of post-demonetization, Demonetization has led to inflation in the economy whereas we inferred a positive relationship between feelings about demonetization and marital status, overall sentiments of demonetization, also Demonetization has led to inflation in the economy.

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