COVID-19: The Present Scenario and the Future Lying Ahead

  • Atul Gupta


COVID-19, the recently originated virus from China in December 2019 has shown its impact exponentially
in the world. It was just 3 months when the globalization of COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the
World Health Organization. The aim of this paper is to provide an overall understanding of how the virus
is impacting various industries and sectors around the globe. This paper first attempts to describe the
outbreak of the virus and its impact around the world in general and India specifically. It further sheds
light in a systematic way, the present and potential possible consequences of the outbreak of COVID-19 in
India. This seeks to provide a detailed and informative description of the expected and future impacts that
may occur over the coming months. By doing so, the paper would be divided into sections which would first
provide a current scenario of the implications of the outbreak of COVID- 19 as how it is affecting everything
in our lives and then would focus on the likely future, an overview of What will be the New Normal?,
accompanied with a conclusion in the last section.

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