Divisor Cordial Labeling of Various Graphs



labeling of graph is the allocation of labels, conventionally reserved as integers, to edges and/or nodes
of a graph. A Divisor Cordial Labeling (DCL) of a Graph G+ with node set V is bijective. g* from V to
{1,2,3,…,|V|} in such a way that if each edge pq is reserved the label 1 if g*(p) | g*(q) or g*(q) | g*(p) &
0 otherwise, then the number of edges labeled with 0 and the number of edges labeled with 1 under the
condition |eg* (0) – eg* (1)| ≤ 1. In this paper, we have derived five new out-turns admitting DCL in context
of ring sum of various graph accompanied by star graph. We proved ring sum of helm accompanied by
star graph, gear accompanied by star graph, double wheel accompanied by star graph, jellyfish
accompanied by star graph and jewel accompanied by star graph are Divisor Cordial Graph (DCG).

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