• Ramesh Janda


Artificial intelligence refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in the machines that are
programmed to think like humans and mimic their action. As artificial intelligence main aim and
goals which includes learning, reasoning and perception. There is a large influence of artificial
intelligence in industry 4.0, from working process to manufacturing process artificial intelligence
has acquired special place. There are abundant of questions that after arriving of the artificial
intelligence, there will be huge impact on employment. This report begins with a reflection on what
constitutes of Artificial Intelligence and concludes with recommendations concerning AI-related
policy. These recommendations include accruing technical expertise about AI in government and
devoting more resources and removing impediments - to research of the fairness, security, privacy,
and societal impacts of AI systems. The study panel has said that there is threat to humankind, due
to artificial intelligence. There is major scope and increase in the future uses of AI applications,
including more self-driving cars, healthcare diagnostics and targeted treatment, and Physical
assistance for elder care can be expected.

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