Study Habits of Senior Secondary Geography Students of Greater Guwahati in Assam

  • Hemshikha Talukdar


As per the scheme of evaluation given by N.C.E.R.T, the area of study habits falls within the domain of habits under the non-scholastic category of learning. Again, Geography is a very important subject in day-today life as well as for various competitive examinations in India. Student life during the adolescence period is the most crucial stage in one’s life for appropriate career development. Students at the senior secondary level are at their late adolescence stage with age group ranging in between 17 to 19 years. A proactive student life is ensured by healthy and regular study habits which ultimately aids in better academic performance. Also, Greater Guwahati area is a booming urban centre in the north-eastern part of India. Hence this research paper tries to delve into the study habits of the geography students of Greater Guwahati who are in the final year of their senior secondary stage. The data for this descriptive survey research having a sample size of 72has been collected through simple random sampling method. Findings show that 70.9 per cent geography students have an average and above average levels while 29.1 per cent students have below average to extremely low levels of study habits. Hypothesis testing with Z-test indicated no significant difference between boys and girls regarding study habits.

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