• Abustan, Asri P, Abdul H.F, Kusumandari Indah Prahesti


 Chicken manure with large populations actually has a negative impact on the environment because of the odor caused by ammonia gas. Producing biogas by using chicken manure as raw materials would provide solutions to environmental pollution because it was able to reduce the smell of ammonia gas. These problems can be overcome simultaneously by making it into biogas that can be used by the communities, especially those who live in rural areas. The economic value and effectiveness of biogas were tested in this study by analyzing the price of raw materials, time last of biogas, and the price of 3 kg Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), and the duration of use. The biogas process used simple technology (Digester) containing 6 main components in the form of a mixing bath, the main storage tank, a biogas storage tank, a bio-slurry storage tank (unused biogas waste), pipes of various sizes, opening valves or gas pressure cover and gauge. Additional components include a gas stove, gas tap, gas hose, and pipe glue. The raw material (chicken manure) that has been prepared was mixed with water with a comparison (1:1), stirred evenly then put into the main tub. This process was left for some time (7-10 hours). The analysis results showed that biogas, which was made with basic ingredients of chicken manure was still effective, compared to using gas from a 3 kg tube with a market price of IDR 35,000. The effectiveness of biogas can be seen from the price of basic ingredients, which was only IDR 10,000 per 20 kg. If it was processed to be biogas, it could produce biogas with an average usage time of 1.6 hours, while the average usage time was 3.8 hours for 3 kg LPG tubes. For four treatments (20, 40, 60, and 80 kg), the overall price was IDR 100,000, with the usage time was 12.5 hours, while the gas tube was 3 kg (3x4 treatments), resulting in the price of IDR 140,000 for the same usage time. Based on the data above showed that the use of chicken manure as a raw material for biogas can still be relatively more effective compared to 3 kg LPG.

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Abustan, Asri P, Abdul H.F, Kusumandari Indah Prahesti. (2020). THE EFFECTIVENESS OF BIOGAS FROM CHICKEN MANURE AS ALTERNATIVE FUELS. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 1664 - 1671. Retrieved from