Critical Reading Skill in Elementary School Learning

  • Elhefni, Zulela MS, Mohamad Syarif Sumantri


Critical reading is one of the reading skills that need to be mastered by students to get the proper information from their reading material sources. This critical reading skill must be taught to elementary school studentsfrom varied ages so that it can contribute to increasingstudents’ critical thinking skills and will make students’ learning achievement better. This paper aims at getting description ofcritical reading skills and getting to know critical reading skill indicators of elementary school students. Based on writer’s elucidation about critical reading skill, it can be concluded that critical reading skill is a skill possessed by someone to read their reading materials critically, wise, considerate, profound, evaluating, analyzing, and questioningthe truth revealed by author. Critical reading skill in the level of elementary school has some indicators that can be used as reference to make student become critical reader in reading their reading materials. For this reason, it is hoped that elementary school teachers will keep training critical reading for their students so that critical reading becomes students’ habit and, at last, it makes students are skillful in critical reading.

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