Proximity Beacons based Intelligent Transportation System for Smart City Applications

  • G. S. Siva Kumar


Nowadays, Global Positioning System (GPS) is playing a very important role for tracking a particular location of any device, transportation and many more. Every device is being installing GPS for tracking purpose. For public transports, in many developing countries they are not having some solution for providing a particular estimation of the arrival and without this estimation of arrival public transport will suffer while they do journeys. This paper proposes a research for the above problem without using GPS. This paper proposes an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution for track the public transport busses without using this GPS. This solution involves a BLE abbreviated as Bluetooth Low Energy proximity to give notice by tracking the journey of a bus which deploys the current estimation location notice on the bus. Raspberry pi 3 is used for BLE detection devices which are been installed on the selected bus stops which includes the total route of the busses to detect the particular arrival of bus in a particular location. Once the device detects the bus that data is been submitted to the cloud server to compute the bus VATE’s (Vehicle Arriving Time Estimation). A basic trail is been conducted in our local area named Kakinada smart city in collaboration with local bus operator in one single route of the bus which is installed with BLE device. The results obtained by this paper were very accurate which is feasible to track the bus location without using any GPS in a very cost effective way. Available government app is taken and developed which is allowed to track the bus location in real time by all the passengers.

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