Empirical Study of E-Marketplace Acceptance in MSMEs: Integrating TTF and TOE Model

  • Nyoman Sri Subawa, Caren Angellina Mimaki


Technological advancement is inevitable in our lives these days. Not only did this advancement have made the life of mankind more convenient, but it also provided an opportunity for SMEs to use information technology as a medium in developing its market. However, not many studies have been done on the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) acceptance towards e-commerce in Bali, Indonesia. Thus, the objectives of current study were to investigate and examine the crucial determinants that affect MSMEs’ behavioral intention (BI) in the acceptance and adoption of e-marketplace. The integrated task technology fit (TTF) and technological organizational and environmental (TOE) model was applied to provide a more comprehensive understanding on the e-marketplace adoption. The target respondents are MSMEs in three regencies of Bali that already use internet and e-marketplace, since e-commerce and internet penetration rates are growing rapidly in Indonesia. The questionnaires were administered online and resulted in 100 data. Using SmartPLS 3.0, the results showed that two hypotheses such as organizational (ORG), and environmental factors (ENVR) positively significant towards BI. This is indicated by the path coefficient of 0.191 and t- statistic value of 2.062, and path coefficient of 0.216 and t-statistics of 2.587 for ORG and ENVR respectively.The theoretical and implications of this research are explained.

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