Smart Helmet for Rider (SHR) and Accident Detection using IOT

  • C.Santhanakrishnan, Divyansh Sharma, Adarsh Vashistha


In recent times there has been a rapid increase in development in the field of IoT as the internet has become a priority for everyone. The main objective is to motivate the motorcyclist from wearing a helmet which will help to reduce the number of accidents occurring nowadays because a person doesn’t wear a helmet while driving regularly. It has a helmet section and a vehicle section. In the helmet, the RF transmitter will be attached which will be directly connected to the RF receiver which is in the vehicle section so only if the person wears the helmet then the ignition starts. Also, it has an alcohol sensor to check whether the person is drunk. If found drunk the ignition will stop and the vibration sensor to detect an accident. GPS is incorporated to check the location of the accident and the message will be sent to the emergency contact with the location coordinates with the help of the GSM module. So that all the proper measures can be taken by the authorities within the desired time.

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