Energy Consumption Estimation for Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks in Smart Homes

  • N. Satheesh, P. Santhosh Kumar Patra


            Wireless interactions with sensors play a vital position in the evolving modern IoT environment. As the industry will now be able to carry out the second generation of IoT products, efforts are geared towards completely standardizing the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) protocol suite and ensuring complete system IP compatibility. The WSN protocols are potential candidates for a highly usable implementation layer for the Internet of Things in terms of robust communications and conformity to the less verbose characteristics of WSNs in which sleep cycles are used in an attempt to maintain the overall power consumption of end nodes small. This article describes an ideal implementation of WSNs taking into consideration the usage of electromagnetic radiation, data link and physical layer, and energy use in smart homes. This research seeks to explore the need for simple connectivity between devices and servers in Smart Home environments, in an effort to establish an optimized state view of the network, and that this dimension of confusion while also trying to conform with the less verbous existence of restricted network context. A surface was specified for the study in which smart devices were distributed randomly to guarantee that the entire the devices conduct an efficient routing, entering the gateway via the formation of a WSN. In order to quantify the scale of the information and fill areas of the data link layer, various wireless networking systems were evaluated to evaluate the exact size that transports the physical material. This knowledge is used by increasing technologies to maximize channel utilization times, lengths, energy usage, and bandwidth specifications. This paper seeks to include an application-level keep-alive algorithm, which can be run separately, to serve as a feasible alternative to preserve a more up-to-date perception of safety-critical devices in WSNs than existing protocols deployed in today's Internet of Things operating systems provide.

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