Voice based Intelligent Virtual Assistance for Windows

  • C.Selvarathi, Dr. B. Padminidevi


This paper is based on voice intelligent Assistance. This tool is used for searching purposes, remainders just by using voice commands. If we want to access any document or file we can do it by voice recognition. But there are certain limitations that the user should set some voices as a security options. If the user spells out the word it automatically types in the required field. It recognizes the speech and searches the appropriate content in the database and retrieves it. The user should select the appropriate language for the virtual assistant to understand. If any wrong or invalid communication happens it   invokes some messages in dialog box. It is like a software agent which performs tasks and events based on commands. Voice-Command and speech synthesis are enhancing the level of user-interaction in applications. This trend is now approaching business-applications like ERP-Systems. Implementing an intelligent personal assistant (IPA) will empower the application not only by navigating users through the system, but it also enables the option to navigate and explain data to the users through speech synthesis. In this paper, the architecture for a new IPA was worked out and a prototype for a web-based ERP-System resting upon this architecture has been developed. This IPA is able to listen to voice commands, to interact by opening a report and giving a brief summary via speech-to-text to the user and explaining the most important information in the relevant context of the displayed KPIs. This prototype will be used for further researchers in the combination of IPA and data analytics

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