• Murugesan M, Kishorekumar J, Nithish Y, Mohan P, Saravanan M


Chat Bot is used in most of the applications to understand and guide the user according to their requirements. Railways are the preferred mode of transport and are used by most of the people in cities. Coming to railway reservation, it is a many step process that needs to be done to reserve the seats. Most of the foreigners visiting country prefer railway transport. When they login into the railway reservation website, they do not know what’s the actual process is to be done in reserving seats. As a foreigner what are the things that needed to be taken while traveling, they do not know about respective country rules while traveling. To guide any sort of people we need a chatbot in that type of application. The Bot should be able to maintain a conversation with users about their railway reservation process. When the user needed to book tickets, it needs to ask further details about their source and destination. It also has to suggest the available trains during the period of time given by the user. It should reply to the user when they ask general FAQ. When any user is typing like city name, train name, train number or anything related to railways, the bot should show the necessary data. In case of data not available it should redirect the user to the browser with appropriate search value.

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Murugesan M, Kishorekumar J, Nithish Y, Mohan P, Saravanan M. (2020). INDIAN RAILWAY RESERVATION CHATBOT. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(7s), 1592 - 1597. Retrieved from