Role of Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Accounting

  • Reepu


Artificial Intelligence now-a-days has transcended the limits. From cortana to autonomous cars, one may see the technological breakthrough of AI in diverse fields. Some claim to be the dawn of 4th Industrial Revolution. Many organizations have delegated their redundant tasks to Artificially Intelligent Machines. Finance and Accounting as a discipline are not devoid of AI applications. Innumerable Artificially Intelligent machines like Kensho, Arria, MAT, Kira, Argus, Wealthfront, Aidya, Amelia etc. are the artificially intelligent products of different organizations with the divergent applications in Finance and Accounting. Claimants say that AI empowered solution are smart and fast. They may undertake a lot of tardy as well as humdrum tasks and process them with efficiency.

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