Privacy Protectionin Artificial Intelligence System : Challenges and New Terminology

  • V. Shyamala Susan, Anfal Talib Ibrahim Al-ANBAGI, Dr.K.juliana Gnanaselvi


AI is a powerful technique that uses data to give numerous services. Expanded productivity and lower
costs, tremendous upgrades in social insurance and research, expanded security of vehicles, and
general accommodations are only a portion of the guarantees of AI. In any case, the numerous new
advancements in AI, causes more difficulties to the researchers working with client data. When they
share the information for various purposes, the security of the individual is revealed and its forces
legitimate and technologies issues. Manyanonymization techniques were presented tohide the
sensitive data of a person.Anyway with the ascent of AI, this type of anonymization technique may not
be practical any more. The techniques couldn't discover a harmony between utilizing information in
total and ensuring of security. This enables the data controllers to make information accessible in a
sheltered and straightforward manner that will be vital to opening the incredible capability of AI. In
this paper, security of AI is reviewed under different challenging tasks and the expected terminology
to address the challeges are listed