Detection of Third Heart Sound Using Intrinsic Time Scale Decomposition

  • B. Sai Bharadwaj et al.


The proposed paper give out the segmentation algorithm which isolates the third heart sound
S3 is elaborated, where the accurate position of S3 heart sound which is an extra sound that produced
due to some circumstances from phonocardiogram (PCG) signal is identified. The proposed method
uses intrinsic time scale decomposition (ITD) integrated with Shannon energy (SE) for analyzing the
existence and identification of S3 from the processed data. This heart sound classification technique is
used in medical diagnosis systems for further investigation on cardiac sounds. The method which is
suggested will be helpful in the accuracy enhancement and reliable identification of third heart sound
S3 in different noises and environmental disturbances. The obtained results occupied an accuracy of
94.4% with a maximum detection error deviation of 40ms.