Importance of Meta materials' in Electromagnetic RadiationAbsorption and its Applications in Modern Scenario

  • Rathika Kannan et al.


In the present modern world, wireless and mobile devices have become have become
almost practically essential. Therefore people are continually presented to
electromagnetic radiation exuding from these gadgets which can be hurtful for the
wellbeing. The impact of electromagnetic radiation is higher when we are near the
transmitting gadget, so it is important that a mechanism to be developed in order to
reduce the effect of these electromagnetic wave radiations. This lead to analyze the
electromagnetic radiation absorption using 'Meta materials'. In this paper we have
discussed about Meta materials , 'Finite Difference Time Domain' (FDTD) method
which is applied as electromagnetic field solver to analyze the positive and negative
refractive index on Meta materials. The simulation tools are based on its fast frequency
response to design perfectly matched layer(PML) structure. Finally applications of Meta
materials in various fields and its importance have been discussed